Lanvin Gangster Briefcase: Thief chic

Lanvin's new Gangster line of briefcases are minimal on the outside, modern on the inside and suited for business class -- or a heist.

What happened to the classic attaché? Somewhere along the way, it was replaced by tech-friendly shoulder bags made of fraying ballistic material or lumpy leather pouches that expand to fit a small animal. It's not the best situation for your next business flight or meeting, and it risks marring the very image you're trying to project: this guy means, well, business.

Lanvin's new, cheekily named "Gangster" line of calfskin briefcases brings back the hard, minimalist lines of the 1960s without the retro feel. On the outside, its design is inspired by the cases used by casino men to carry money during that era; inside, it's modern to the core: there is a detachable passport holder and iPad holder, and the case comes in two sizes to accomodate laptops of different sizes.

Lanvin is foremost a Paris-based fashion house, so the price is hardly a steal. But it's a breath of fresh air in an age when it pays to travel light.

The large version of the Lanvin Gangster Briefcase is available now from Lanvin's international online store, but it's not yet available in the U.S. The small size is also not yet available. €1,595.

Photo: Lanvin

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