Large companies run with BYOD as workers cover costs

Large enterprises are hopping on the bring your own device bandwagon with a caveat: Employees are expected to pick up most of the costs.

Seventy-six percent of companies supporting bring your own device policies have more than 2,000 employees and there's a good reason for that. Half of employees under BYOD policies have to foot the device and wireless costs, according to a report from Good Technology.


Good Technology polled 100 of its customers across industries and highlighted some key moving parts for BYOD

  • Enterprises formally supporting BYOD jumped to 76 percent in 2012, up from 72 percent in 2011. Large companies are most active.
  • Security isn't a concern.
  • Half of the companies supporting BYOD have policies that dictate that employees cover all costs.

BYOD policies seem to be cutting across all company sizes and industries. Regulated industries---financial services, insurance, healthcare and government---are going BYOD, according to the report.



While BYOD is becoming popular, employees will be picking up more of the tab. The following chart indicates that most workers pick up at least some of the device bill. Apparently, what companies give up on control they make up on costs.