LastPass releases personal data locker for Mac

LastPass has unveiled an app vault suitable for Mac users to keep their digital information safe and secure.


LastPass has launched a digital vault for storing login data, passwords and financial information which is suitable for Mac users.

Announced on Tuesday, the password management provider said the LastPass Mac App offers a number of useful features to heighten a Mac user's personal security, as well as a full-featured vault for storing logins, passwords, IDs, credit cards, and other important data.

The Fairfax, Virginia-based company offers digital vaults for storing a variety of data. The company offers both individual and enterprise licenses for its software, where personal data is centralized in order to streamline a user's experience online. When a user visits a new website they are prompted to store the site's account details, and automatic logins can be set up to remove the necessity of remembering different sets of account credentials.

The Quick Search is a major feature of LastPass Mac, granting users the opportunity to search for websites or keywords in other to quickly retrieve their logins or Secure Notes. This can then be launched into the default browser, where usernames and passwords are automatically filled in for you.

"With the keyboard shortcut for the Quick Search, users can access an online account in a few seconds, without worrying about putting their sensitive information at risk," LastPass says. "These features offer a hassle-free login experience and more native integration on Mac."

Another useful feature is Security Check, which users can access for an analysis on the strength of their passwords. The app also offers offline access to the password locker and automatically syncs with accounts when a user jumps back online.

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LastPass CEO and co-founder Joe Siegrist commented:

"We are living in a time when using the same password across every online account, or storing passwords for critical accounts in an insecure document on your computer, means you will inevitably get hacked. At the same time, memorizing dozens of unique passwords is virtually impossible.

The LastPass Mac App functions as a vault that safeguards sensitive information. It allows our customers to have convenient local access to their data, saving them the distraction of recalling passwords or manually typing in their login details."

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