Latest hack gives iPad 3G phone call, texting capabilities

The latest hack from iPhoneIslam brings phone calls and SMS text messaging to the iPad. But is this something that anyone wants?

Remember when the iPad was announced and the most hip way to criticize it was to call it four iPhones duct-taped together or something along those lines? Since its inception, the one major problem with that criticism was that, unlike the iPhone, the iPad couldn't make phone calls. Until now.

Via PhoneItiPad, an unlocked iPad 3G can be used to make phone calls and send SMS messages - just like its smartphone cousin. While we can't vouch entirely for its veracity, the video above shows a 64 GB iPad making a phone call to Vodafone and texting adjacent iPhones.

PhoneItiPad was developed by the team at iPhoneIslam, who, if you recall, were also responsible for the app that brought FaceTime to the iPhone 3GS. Clearly, these guys know their way around iOS.

There's no word on when the app will make its way to the Cydia Store, but iPhoneIslam says it will make its appearance "soon."

[Via iClarified]