Latest iPad build of iOS 4.2 to ship November 24th

New iOS 4.2 iPad build is stable and patches some known issues

I was skeptical when I heard rumors that a new iOS 4.2 GM Seed had been released. First off, usually when you hit GM Seed, you don't need another version. Second, Apple had yet to alert any of its developers in its "official" way that a new GM Seed had been released.

After doing some digging it does seem to be that Apple has kicked out another iOS 4.2 build (8C134b). The interesting thing is that this build has only been released for iPad, with the iPhone remaining on build 8C134.

Apple has not officially confirmed this to its stable of developers, but The Telegraph is reporting that the official release of iOS 4.2 is now slated for November 24th.

I've heard from a number of sources that the latest iOS 4.2 on iPad build is much more stable than previous releases. Those same people were not suffering from any known Wi-Fi issues, though, which is the apparent cause for the need for Apple to release another GM Seed.

If you're wondering why everyone is so excited about iOS 4.2 for the iPad, the release will put the iPad on par with the iPhone, allowing it to multitask and also take advantage of the new AirPlay features, which will let users stream audio and video from the iPad or iPhone to any compatible receiver. At this point the only known receiver is the new Apple TV, but deals with other manufacturers are believed to be in the works.

I can't wait for the AirPlay feature. I tend to shoot a lot of photos and videos with my iPhone and the ability to instantly show those on my TV via Apple TV is something I'm really looking forward to. I would also assume that an Apple TV update will show up soon, too, since right now you can share photos and videos from your computer running iTunes, but there's no specific AirPlay capability being highlighted.