Launch Center Pro 2.3 adds support for geofences, iBeacons and IFTTT

Launch Center Pro for iPad got a massive update today and if you're not using it, you should be.

Launch Center Pro for iOS received a major update to v2.3 on Wednesday.

If you're not familiar with the app, it's like a launcher/home screen replacement that allows you to run a complex series of commands (called "actions") that give iOS functionality it's never had before. Think of it as Automator for iOS.


Billed as "speed dial for everyday tasks" Launch Center Pro is an iOS power user's dream come true because it allows you to be more productive and save time by launching complex actions with a single tap. For example, with Launch Center Pro you can message your significant other, find a coffee shop nearby via Yelp, send an email, or search Wikipedia with one touch.

You can also create groups that allow you to string together actions that are easy to perform with a simple touch and drag gesture. For example you can touch the "search" icon then drag your finger to Google, Wikipedia or Calendar to search the corresponding app, or you can touch an icon for your spouse then drag your finger to call, text or email her.

Launch Center Pro is akin to a macro scripting language for iOS that reminds me of AppleScript or even QuicKeys back in the day. If there's anything you do repetitively on your iPhone or iPad, like text or message the same person, or cross post the same photo to multiple social networks, LCP will save you a lot of time.

New features in Launch Center Pro 2.3 include:

  • Trigger Launch Center Pro actions using Geofences and iBeacons

  • Integrate web services with native apps using the new Launch Center Channel on IFTTT

  • Share GIFs with built-in Giphy search

  • QR and barcode scanning

A full list of officially supported shortcuts is available on the Contrast website, but the best way to wrap your head around what LCP can do for you is by watching some of the example videos:

Launch Center Pro is available for iPhone ($4.99, App Store) and iPad ($4.99, App Store).