Lavabit back online to allow personal data downloads

After shutting down while the US government demanded it hand its SSL keys over, Lavabit is back online to allow users to retrieve their data.

After shutting down Lavabit to protect its users from the NSA's prying eyes, the service is coming back, albeit temporarily, to allow users to retrieve their personal data.

Lavabit founder Ladar Levison announced that former users will have the ability to download an archive of their stored emails from October 18.

In the lead-up to the date, Lavabit has changed its SSL certificates and is allowing users to change their passwords after some users became concerned that their privacy may have been compromised.

Lavabit has already appealed to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in defence of the US Constitution. The company is croudsourcing the funding necessary to make its case, and has raised just over US$93,000 of its US$96,000 goal so far.

Should Lavabit be successful in its appeal, it would likely return to operations again.