Leaked: Facebook Messenger to get video calling

A closer look at the code for the newly released Facebook Messenger app shows it will be getting video calling at some point in the future.

Facebook Messenger for Android and iPhone was just recently released and already there's talk that it will be getting a video calling feature. Given Facebook's recent partnership with Skype, it makes perfect sense for Facebook's mobile apps to get the technology as well.

I'm therefore not at all surprised to learn that the newly released Facebook Messenger app has some video calling hints hidden in its code. As you can see in the screenshot above, 9to5Mac found video images in the iOS app, and How To arena confirmed their existence in the Android app as well.

Since these images can be found in both the Android app and the iPhone app, it would suggest that Facebook Messenger will do cross-platform video calling, likely in conjunction with the Web version of Facebook. These were not put in by accident: they are either placeholders or part of a work in progress.

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