Leaked pictures: HP builds Facebook app for HP TouchPad

The HP TouchPad is going to ship with a dedicated Facebook app. The tablet app was built by HP, however, not by Facebook.

HP has developed a Facebook tablet app for the HP TouchPad, which comes out on Friday July 1, 2011. There still isn't an official announcement, but TechCrunch has obtained pictures of the Facebook app running on HP's first webOS tablet.

The left-hand side, which pops in and out, contains your main navigation tabs: Newsfeed, Messages, Events, Places, Friends, and Photos. The Newsfeed (it should be News Feed) can be viewed in a stream view or a more tablet-friendly tile view, which makes better use of typography and images. Places opens up a map with nearby activity and the ability to check-in. Photos displays your Facebook photos in a tiled album view.

Just like the main Facebook website, a person's profile also highlights his or her photos. You can navigate to their Wall, Info, and Photos. As would be expected, HP's Facebook app properly takes advantage of the extra screen real estate of a tablet.

Facebook still hasn't released an official tablet app. That being said, it's also worth noting that HP is not the first company to release a dedicated Facebook app for tablets. A rumor from earlier this month suggests, however, that Facebook is getting ready to release an official app for the Apple iPad.

I've reached out to Facebook for a comment on this story and will update this post once I hear back.