Learning Java can give your career a boost (​ZDNet Academy)

This all-in-one bundle covers everything you need to know.
Written by ZDNet Staff, Contributor

Java is one of the most common programming languages in use today, playing an important role in everything from video game development to mobile apps. You can learn it for yourself with The 2017 Complete Java Bundle, available now for $49.

Beginning with the fundamentals, you'll gain an understanding of how Java is used in a wide variety of situations, and discover why learning it can enhance your career prospects, or open up a potential side hustle.

Through hands-on learning, you'll learn how to build your own real-world apps, taking an all-encompassing look at desktop and mobile development. Java is an especially portable language, making it easy to write a program on one platform and move it to others.

Ultimately, you'll gain access to an interview guide that can help you score Java-related jobs and build a career around your newfound knowledge.

With a lifetime subscription available via web and mobile streaming, this complete bundle is a great start for anyone looking to launch a career in programming. The 2017 Complete Java Bundle is available now here for $49.

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