LED traffic lights in serious snow

BUffalo, New York: LED traffic lights and snow.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

I've gotten to speak with the head on traffic control in Snow Central. That would be Buffalo, New York, USA. Those eastbound winds across Lake Erie produce a few snowstorms every year. Buffalo gets about 80 inches of snow in an "average" year. Some areas in nearby New York state get up to 200 inches. Anyway, they know snow thereabouts.

The traffic control man tells me Buffalo switched to LED traffic lights about five years ago. Very few problems. Once or twice each winter they send out a bucket truck to lift a workman up to scrape off the snow-covered lenses. It takes a heavy wind and very wet snow to bother the traffic lights. Meanwhile the LED bulbs save a lot of energy, last about seven years and take almost no other maintenance. Old-time incandescent bulbs lasted about a year and were energy hogs, producing lots of heat.

The snowiest city in New York State is actually Syracuse. Here are the ten snowiest weather stations in the 48 lower states: 1 Blue Canyon, Califonia 240.8 2 Marquette, Michigan 128.6 3 Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan 116.7 4 Syracuse, New York 111.6 5 Caribou, Maine 110.4 6 Mount Shasta, California 104.9 7 Lander, Wyoming 102.5 8 Flagstaff, Arizona 99.9 9 Sexton Summit, Oregon 97.8 10 Muskegon, Michigan 97.0

Some of these are not really towns: Blue Canyon and Sexton Summit are spots on the map with no town nearby.

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