LED 'wallpaper' gives new meaning to mood lighting

Philips LEDs will integrate LED technology into Kvadrat acoustic tiles to create wall coverings that can be programmed for light, color and content.

Sometime in the future, when someone comments on the way the wallpaper in the nightclub is glowing, you won't ask them if they've been taking some sort of hallucinogenic drug. That's because Royal Philips Electronics is teaming up Kvadrat Soft Cells to create a smart textile that will integrate energy-efficient, addressable Philips LEDs into Kvadrat acoustic panels.

Aside from being able to create ambient light designs, the LEDs could also be programmed to display certain content. The companies are targeting environments in the retail and hospitality industry with their solution.

Notes Leon van de Pas, general manager of the Philips Large Luminous Surfaces division (great name, no?), said:

"Philips is delighted to announce this partnership, while will bring ambiance creation to a whole new level. We are devoted to developing lighting solutions that offer the user a limitless number of effects, moods, and atmospheres."

I wonder if interior designers can earn credit under the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for using these new smart textiles.