Left at the loo rolls: Tesco tests supermarket sat-nav

Android shopping app goes on trial at London store...

Android shopping app goes on trial at London store...

Supermarket sat-nav

Tesco is testing the shopping app in a single store before deciding whether to deploy it more widelyPhoto: clive darr

Confused shoppers could soon be able to track down cat litter or bin bags with pinpoint accuracy following the launch of a supermarket sat-nav.

Supermarket giant Tesco has released an app for Android smartphones to guide shoppers around its Tesco Extra store in Romford.

To use the app, shoppers build a shopping list and the app shows them the shortest route through the store to pick up their items.

The app tracks the shoppers' location in the store, to an accuracy of three metres, and plots their route on a map of its interior.

New equipment would need to be installed at each store for the app to work, and head of R&D at Tesco Nick Lansley wrote on his blog that Tesco is evaluating whether the service will be worth deploying more widely.

"We won't be rolling this out to customers in general for a while because we have to think about how useful it's going to be," he said.

"The system involves a lot of infrastructure installation in the stores so we need to get all kinds of people involved in thinking about the customer experience. It would be awful if we did all this work but few customers really used it."

Presently the app only works at the Romford supermarket, and Tesco has said there are currently no plans to use it in other stores.

Tesco is appealing for people to help test the app, which is not available on the Android app store, and is asking people who want to try it out to email ben.martin@techfortesco.com with the subject SATNAV APP for a download link.