Lenovo adds ThinkCentre M83 Tiny to business desktop lineup

In addition to its new micro-sized PC, the world's largest computer supplier has also boosted its ThinkCentre E63z all-in-one with an Intel Core i3 processor.


Fresh off an encouraging research report that shows a 20-percent global market share for PCs , as well as a major launch of new Yoga tablets , Lenovo has announced a couple of updates to its business desktop lineup.

While hardly as sexy as Ashton Kutcher-shilled products, the company's ThinkCentre family forms the backbone of Lenovo's PC output, owing to the legacy of its IBM heritage. In addition to the traditional towers that have been occupying cubicles for decades, ThinkCentre has embraced the smaller form factors that have become increasingly trendy over the last few years. The "Tiny" version of the ThinkCentre M83 is the latest example of this less-is-more approach.

The M83 joins its M73 and M93 siblings in the Tiny family, though Lenovo's lack of full specs makes it difficult to determine how it's different from those other models. It certainly resembles them with dimensions that make it compact enough to be mounted onto the back of a monitor. Like the M73 Tiny and M93 Tiny, it also ships with Intel's fourth-generation Core processors (a.k.a. Haswell), and like the M93, it can drive up to three independent displays. Details on storage, RAM, etc. are unknown at the moment, but the M83 Tiny should handle up to 16GB of RAM and either a 2.5-inch hard drive or SSD.

And like those other Tiny Lenovos, the M83 has to deal with the heat that doesn't have a lot of room to escape. Enter Intelligent Cooling Engine (ICE) 3.0, the company's attempt to balance the temperature, noise, and performance levels of the Tiny systems via a pair of optimized settings. As with the M73 and M93, the M83 Tiny also includes PC Cloud Manager 2.0, which lets you access ICE and other system management tools.

The M83 Tiny will be available some time this month, though it's currently not listed on Lenovo's website. At a starting price of $599, it unsurprisingly sits between the M73 Tiny ($509.99 starting price) and the M83 Tiny ($649).

Along with the introduction of the M83 Tiny, Lenovo gave a shot in the arm to a desktop it announced several weeks ago . When the ThinkCentre E63z all-in-one was rolled out, an Intel Core i3 processor option was promised, but not immediately available. The system, sold by a few online retailers, shipped with a Pentium J2900 CPU that comes inside a 19.5-inch LED. Coming in December, an updated configuration of the E63z will be available with the Core i3 chip option, which also features an HDMI output and Rapid Charge USB port — neither coming on the previous iteration. You'll pay much more for the upgrades, however, as the new $699 price tag is well above the original $479 asking price.