Lenovo announces new ThinkPad series for small business

Long-time enterprise workhorse gets a flashy refresh for small business.

Lenovo announced today that the company is updating what is arguably its best known line of laptop computers and possibly expanding its appeal beyond its traditional enterprise market.

According to the company, the newly refreshed portfolio will include three individual lines based on the need for "essential, mainstream and premium" laptops computers:

  • ThinkPad Edge S Series (premium)
  • ThinkPad Edge E Series (mainstream)
  • Lenovo B Series (essential)

Although ThinkPad laptops enjoy good penetration and recognition in the enterprise market, the expanded line is clearly an effort to win-over more small business and individual users as well.

In the company statement released today, ThinkPad vice president Luis Hernandez acknowledged that "Small businesses are demanding a laptop that can do it all" and goes on to say that small businesses "want great performance for work tasks and an excellent experience for their own personal computing.”

And Hernandez says, “the new ThinkPad Edge laptops exceed these expectations with extras like a new progressive design, speedy boot up and easy management features.”

All three lines include various sizes, configurations and options but Lenovo promotes the ThinkPad Edge E Series specifically for small business.

Both the "mainstream" ThinkPad Edge E Series and the "essential" Lenovo B Series laptops should be widely available by April with the "premium" ThinkPad Edge S Series becoming available some time after June.

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