Lenovo announces tiny ThinkCentre M72e, M92p desktops

Smaller than the Mac Mini, Lenovo's latest ThinkCentre PCs are built with the size-conscious office in mind.

Lenovo on Monday announced the ThinkCentre M92p and M72e, a pair of tiny desktops that are about as thick as a golf ball.

Their diminutive sizes, Lenovo says, make the devices easy to hide, hang, and mount, which is valuable in offices where space is a constant concern.

Both drives come with the option of upgrading to Intel's latest Ivy Bridge processors. The devices also come with the choice of either plain old HDD or a comparatively more exciting solid state drive. The latter, coupled with Lenovo's Enhanced Experience 3 for Windows 7, means that the desktops will boast some pretty impressive boot speeds. There are also options for integrated graphics and Wi-Fi.

Unsurprisingly, there are no optical drives built into the devices, though Lenovo did manage to furnish them with five USB ports.

Prices for the M72e start at $499, while the M92p will run for $799. Both devices will be available next month.

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