Lenovo ANZ focus to grow consumer business

While its commercial business still remains a key focus, Lenovo's strategy for Australia and New Zealand will be to drive growth in its recently launched consumer business.

The commercial education and healthcare sector will continue to be a priority for Lenovo this coming year, as will be ramping up its newly-established consumer business in Australia, according to Matt Codrington, Lenovo Australia and New Zealand managing director.

Codrington admitted while these goals are "super ambitious", it is time that the company focuses on growing.

"For our enterprise and mobility stuff, we have to grow now. We're not complacent, but we're not arrogant at all. We need to make big investments now, and we're pretty well setup to do that," he said.

The strategy comes off the back of Lenovo having invested heavily into the acquisitions of IBM's x86 business and Google's Motorola Mobility unit, which enabled the company to launch its consumer business in Australia last October.

"Australia is going through a sharper transformation than the company is globally, mainly because the company's consumer business did not exist until October 2014 when Motorola was integrated," said Codrington.

Codrington admitted that the company's initial priorities following the acquisitions were to focus on "keeping the light on", such as integrating teams, the culture, and business processes, rather than "boiling the ocean".

Since the introduction of its consumer business, Codrington claimed Lenovo's market share grew 10 percent in less than five months, and expects that by the end of the current quarter, market share will reach 14 percent. He attributed the growth to the company investing AU$5 million into relocating to a new head office in Chatswood, Sydney, plus an additional AU$10 million into marketing and retail to build its consumer business.

He also reiterated that the PC market for Lenovo is still a core focus for the company, particularly in the commercial sector, a point Codrington made when he spoke to ZDNet last October. He said Lenovo plans to leverage the company's diversified portfolio in PC to help grow its smartphone business, and hopefully see the company take the number five position in the Australian mobile market. Currently, the Motorola brand holds a 2 to 3 percent market share in Australia, Codrington said.

"There is a big gap between us and the two large incumbents, but in the short term, our aspiration will be to grow substantially, " he said.

Disclosure: Aimee Chanthadavong travelled as a guest of Lenovo.