Lenovo enters India smartphone market

Chinese PC maker expands its smartphone play from its home market for the first time, with five Android handsets.

Lenovo makes India its first overseas smartphone market by bringing in five Android handsets, priced from US$120 to US$530.

A report Thursday by the Economic Times cited Amar Babu, managing director of Lenovo India, who said at the launch the handsets were being rolled out in South India and Gujarat. The phones will be available in the rest of the country within the next six months.

Lenovo hopes to replicate its smartphone success in China to India.

JD Howard, vice president of Lenovo Mobile Internet and Digital Home Business Group, said in the article: "Lenovo has built a solid and successful mobile phone business in China reaching the number two position in the smartphone category in less than 18 months ."

The five handsets are priced between 6,500 rupees and 28,500 rupees and will be availabe in Lenovo's exclusive stores.

The smartphone market is part of the PC maker's diversification strategy in a time when PC sales are slowing  and margins are increasingly under pressure .

The company is pushing for a "PC+ era" where the PC becomes the heart of users' digital life, supported by secondary devices such as smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.