Lenovo expands VMware server tie-up

Lenovo will include VMware's vSphere with Operations Management software and sell it directly through partners.

Lenovo on Tuesday expanded a distribution agreement with VMware to include the virtualization player's vSphere with Operations Management software.

The companies said VMware will be sold via Lenovo partners in North America. VMware will provide support.



Lenovo has been making a push into the server market and has been looking to expand in the U.S. Lenovo is already a server player in China and emerging markets. In addition, IBM was rumored to be shopping its commodity server line to Lenovo, according to various reports.

By partnering with the likes of VMware, Lenovo gets to pitch its servers more into the enterprise. Lenovo is already a PC staple in the enterprise, but the x86 server sales typically go to HP, Dell, IBM and increasingly Cisco.

VMware's support comes in unlimited tier one, remote support and severity one flavors with documentation and updates.