Lenovo hopes to revive the tabletop PC with Yoga Home 900 desktop

Once considered the future of home computing, the lay-flat all-in-one PC has been taken out of mothballs with this new 27-inch system, which weighs over 16 pounds and has a starting price that's equally as heavy to handle at $1,549.


When tablets were the hot product category two or three years ago, there was the brilliant idea that people might want to have their whole PC in a format that could lay flat on a table (something that Apple has tapped into a little bit with its bigger iPad Pro). The result was a rush of "tabletop PCs" unleashed on the world from many major Windows computer manufacturers, from Acer to HP to Sony. Lenovo was another big name that introduced "portable" desktops with the Horizon all-in-one and then the updated Horizon 2s and 2e. Undeterred by the resounding shrug buyers gave to the fledgling form factor, Lenovo is making a third stab at success with its new Yoga Home 900.

The Yoga Home is similar to the Horizon in its basics: A touch display that houses mid-range PC specs and a battery to allow it to roam the house for short periods of time. Lenovo hasn't announced specifics on its various configurations, but the Yoga Home can be equipped with up to an Intel Broadwell Core i7 processor and optional Nvidia GeForce 940A discrete graphics to use with its 27-inch 1080p screen. For use as a typical all-in-one, it includes a wireless mouse and keyboard and has an integrated kickstand to prop it upright.

But the Yoga Home's unique selling proposition is getting itself off the desk and onto a dining room or living room table. Lugging it around won't be easy -- it weighs in at over 16 pounds -- and it's not designed to be unplugged all day, with a battery that Lenovo claims will last up to three hours. As with its Horizon predecessors, the Yoga Home ships with a version of the Aura interface, which allows you to interact with photos and play games such as air hockey (shown above) via the touchscreen. This is the type of family-style entertainment for which the tabletop PC has been designed, though it hasn't exactly replaced traditional board games on household tables.

One reason for that is the cost, and the Yoga Home 900 isn't going to change things with a starting price of $1,549 when it begins shipping sometime this month. Lenovo is clearly hoping that by extending the popular Yoga brand -- the Yoga 900 convertible laptop was also announced today -- to the desktop, its tabletop PC will fare better than its predecessors. Ironically, you can pick up one of them -- a more modestly spec'd Horizon 2s -- from Lenovo's website as a special deal for just $549.99.

Will the Yoga Home 900 suffer the same fate, or has Lenovo finally cracked the key to success with tabletop PCs? Let us know your thoughts in the discussion section below.