​Lenovo hopes you'll go for its Pocket Projector

Lenovo's Pocket Projector is yet another effort to make beaming and sharing entertainment and presentations easier.


Lenovo is getting into the mobile projector game, which has more than its share of devices that didn't exactly set the tech market on fire.

At MWC on Monday, Lenovo launched its Pocket Projector, which is designed to project content such as movies and presentations. Lenovo said the battery can last more than 2 hours.

The idea of a pocket projector is appealing and there are multiple pico projectors on the market. Lenovo also embedded a projector into its Yoga 2 Tablet Pro.

Here's the catch: In theory, having a mini projector is a cool idea. Any road warrior could use a device to get his or her presentation across. These toys would work in boardrooms and sales pitches. In practice, the pricing has been too high for these presentation beamers. Most of these devices run more than $200.


Lenovo is aiming to price the Pocket Projector at $199 starting this month. The device will project content from a smartphone wirelessly via DLNA or Miracast. The Pocket Projector supports most multimedia formats and has up to 32 GB of microSD storage.

The Pocket Projector launched along with Lenovo's VIBE Shot, a smartphone that's expected to double as a 16 megapixel camera with modular lens. Lenovo is obviously thinking more about capturing and presenting images these days.