Lenovo introduces ThinkCentre Edge 62z all-in-one desktop: Is its 18.5-inch screen too small?

The $549 starting price tag is small enough, but is the workstation's LCD too tiny?

All-in-one enterprise desktop PCs make a lot of sense to save valuable space for packed-in employees. But everyone also agrees that bigger screen sizes make for better worker productivity. Those two trends are in conflict in the new Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 62z, its latest all-in-one that bucks the trend for bigger desktop monitors.

Image: Lenovo

That's because the 62z (a follow-up to its larger 92z sibling ) squeezes in an 18.5-inch LCD, which Lenovo says yields a 65-percent saving in space over a 20-inch monitor. And in its defense, the company isn't marketing the PC as a traditional corporate machine, pitching it instead to schools and space-starved work areas, like nurse's stations.

Still, a sub-19-inch desktop screen in 2013 might be hard for some workers to deal with — unless they are so unlucky to have even smaller legacy screens. What no one can object to is the pricing, as the 62z starts at just $549. Notably, it offers Windows 7 Professional instead of Windows 8. You can get up to an Intel Core i3 Ivy Bridge processor, 8GB of RAM, and 1TB of hard drive, and you even get a DVD drive thrown in for good measure. 

Speaking of measure, is the 62z the right size for Lenovo's customers? We'll find out when it becomes available in May.

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