Lenovo introduces ThinkCentre M78 desktop PCs with AMD's new Accelerated Processing Units

Designed for medium and large businesses, the new computers start at $479.


AMD's new "Trinity" Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) have mostly been hyped for their consumer graphics prowess -- reviews like this show them easily outpacing the integrated graphics of Intel's Ivy Bridge CPUs -- but some of the first PCs making use of them are headed for the enterprise.

Lenovo has launched the new ThinkCentre M78 series to take advantage of the new A-Series APUs, specifically targeting medium and large businesses. Available as either a traditional tower or a small-form-factor unit, the M78 offers a choice of four different chips -- the 3.6GHz A4-5300, 3.7GHz A4-5300B, 3.8GHz A6-5400B, and 3.7GHz A8-5500B.  While the first three options include two Piledriver cores, the A8-5500B is a quad-core processor.

The base "small" desktop comes with the A4-5300, 4GB of RAM, 250GB hard drive, and DVD burner for $479, while the base tower version includes the A6-5400B processor and a 500GB hard drive for $20 more. You can stuff up to 32GB of RAM in the M478, along with either a pair of 1TB hard drives or two 128GB SSDs. If your business needs require more graphical power, you can get discrete boards from either AMD (Radeon HD 7350 or Radeon HD 7450) or Nvidia (GeForce 605).

Security features include USB port disablement and TPM 1.2 support for data encryption, while the M78's green bonafides consist of EnergyStar 5.2 and EPEAT Gold certification. It comes with Windows 7 pre-installed, but since businesses don't adapt new operating systems right out of the gate, they won't miss Windows 8 not being an option.

The M78 is available to order right now on Lenovo's website --with a starting shipping date of October 8 -- and through leading retailers and Lenovo resellers later this month. 

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