Lenovo launches no-contract mobile broadband service

The PC maker has introduced Lenovo Mobile Access -- an integrated no-contract mobile broadband service for particular ThinkPad models.

Lenovo has recently introduced Lenovo Mobile Access, a no-contract mobile broadband service which aims to offer consumers and business users greater choice and flexibility in connecting to online services.

Due to its partnership with Macheen Inc., a scalable cloud-based platform has been developed in order to facilitate the 3G option in specific ThinkPad devices.

It is currently available in the ThinkPad Classic and ThinkPad Edge product lines.

Powered by a scalable cloud-based platform from the service is now embedded across select models of the ThinkPad, and will be available in the United States and nine European countries -- the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Lenovo expects download speeds to be able to hit 21 megabits per second.

The PC maker will be offering the mobile broadband option from approximately $2 for a half hour of access -- and less than 30mb of data transfers --- or $9 for a day with a cap of 200mb. For users who prefer monthly plans, 2GB and 6GB capped deals will also be available from $45 - $85 per month.

The service will formally launch on July 1st, but the manufacturer is already shipping out laptops equipped with the required internal hardware to facilitate the mobile broadband option -- which does not require a dongle.


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