Lenovo launches storage arrays for small, mid-sized enterprises

Lenovo's storage area networking arrays are available in June and designed to provide a bridge to flash-based systems.

Lenovo on Wednesday launched two storage area networking systems as it aims for small and mid-sized enterprises.

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The product launch, announced at Lenovo Tech World in Beijing, is aimed at providing a bridge to flash systems.

Lenovo's storage systems, available June 15, break down like this:

  • The S2200 supports up to 96 drives and supports Fibre Channel, iSCSI and SAS formats and comes in 2U-12 and 24 drive configurations.
  • The S3200 supports that same formats and comes in the same configurations. The S3200 supports 192 drives.

Both systems have real-time tiering and the S3200 can reach the performance of all-flash arrays with a hybrid configuration.

In addition, the systems have Lenovo SAN Manager, which is an application that provides data tiering, provisioning, SSD caching, snapshots and storage pooling.

Lenovo's storage area networking efforts are notable since the company typically resells Brocade and IBM for larger enterprises.