Lenovo merges APAC market units

Chinese hardware maker "reunites" its Asia-Pacific emerging and mature markets business units as part of ongoing corporate reorganization, and possibly a leadup to its new smart devices unit for China.

Lenovo has merged two of its business units in the Asia-Pacific region as part of the company's ongoing corporate reorganization.

The Chinese hardware manufacturer said in a statement Friday it was "reuniting" its Asia-Pacific emerging markets and mature markets businesses into a single unit. Effective April 1, the merged Asia-Pacific region will be headed by Roderick Lappin, who will be promoted to the role of regional president.

The executive, currently based in Japan, has served the company for the past eight years and will continue to oversee its Asia-Pacific business as well as remain president of NEC Lenovo Japan Group. Lappin will report to the group's COO Gianfranco Lanci.

The consolidated Asia-Pacific business unit will provide Lenovo with "the scale and efficiency to operate more effectively" in a region that is highly competitive, said the Chinese vendor, which pointed to the region as a growth engine in both the enterprise and consumer markets.

Lenovo added that it was in "the process of transforming its business" to ensure it retains its global leading PC position. The vendor in April 2014 split its Asia-Pacific business into emerging and mature markets, where the emerging economies had included East Asia, Hong Kong, Asean, and India.

The latest announcement could be part of a leadup to a new business unit that Lenovo said would focus on smart devices in the Chinese market. Announced in October 2014, the vendor said the new unit was scheduled to begin operating in April this year and will be led by Chen Xudong, who is currently president of Lenovo's China and Asia-Pacific emerging markets.