Lenovo rolls out trio of new ThinkCentre business desktop PCs

The latest models include an all-in-one with a touchscreen option, while all feature Smart USB Protection technology allowing IT staff to control access to the system's USB ports.


While they may not provide the dramatic impact that laptops have made to Lenovo's recent bottom line , business desktops are still being churned out in the tradition of IBM systems from the company's past. Lenovo has just announced a trio of new ThinkCentre desktops in various form factors with an emphasis on security and reliability.

The new additions include the ThinkCentre E63z, which is a 19.5-inch all-in-one PC with an optional touchscreen. The starting price for the E63z is just $479, but versions using Intel's Core i3 processors and/or the touchscreen would presumably cost more. The i3 configurations include niceties such as HDMI out and a rapid-charge USB port to juice up your phone or tablet more quickly. Security features include CompuTrace support.

The ThinkCentre M53 is Lenovo's latest "tiny" business desktop. The compact system allows you to power it up via the USB keyboard and comes with PC Cloud Manager 3.0 to provide remote management. Specs haven't been provided, but PC Mag reports that it is powered by an Intel Pentium processor. It will be priced from $439 when it become available "shortly," in Lenovo's words.

Rounding out the new PCs is the ThinkCentre M79 lineup, available in either a mini tower or a small-form-factor version. Both will make use of AMD's A-series processors and offer SSD or hybrid SSD storage options. Another option is a second DisplayPort connection, which allows you to hook up three displays to the M79. Lenovo offers the M79 with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2 support to allow IT administrators to secure and manage the systems remotely. Like the E63z, the M79 is available now at a starting price of $449. 

Both the M53 and M79 come with Intelligent Cooling Engine 3.0 technology that manages the system's fans to minimize heat and noise. All three new ThinkCentre families provide Smart USB Protection, which allows the IT staff to control access to USB ports so unauthorized users can't transfer data to or from the desktops via external drives.