Lenovo targets corporate users with dedicated, customizable Android app store

Lenovo is trying to make life for the I.T. manager a bit easier with an Android app store just for enterprise users.

The iPad may be stealing the attention of consumers, but Lenovo is trying make sure the same doesn't happen in the enterprise.

Its Enterprise App Shop aims to ease the burden of creating and maintaining a personalized Android app store. It looks like this: Lenovo creates a curiated App Catalog with apps that play nice with its Android tablets.

I.T. admins can then pick and chose from Lenovo's app catalog the best apps for their end-users' needs, creating in effect their own personal corporate app stores. They can also publish their own custom private apps and publish them via the custom shop.

Lenovo's offerings so far include business-oriented apps like a calendar and PDF reader as well as more education-focused programs like coloring books and graphing calculators. All the apps can be purchased in volume pricing, which should save companies some money.

In all, its a welcome effort, and surely one that will get I.T. managers inching towards the Android side of the tablet fence. Whats uncertain so far is whether those they manage will follow suit.