Lenovo unveils enterprise service expansion though modular thin clients

Lenovo has launched new, all-in-one modular desktops in order to reduce upgrading costs within the enterprise.

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Lenovo has unveiled new ThinkCentre Tiny desktop PCs designed for use within the enterprise, cutting down the cost of upgrading traditional computer systems.

Announced on Tuesday, the Chinese tech giant's new offerings were launched at VMWorld in Barcelona this week. The new ThinkCentre M73 Tiny and M53 Tiny, combined with the ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One, are designed to act as thin clients which will reduce upgrading costs in the corporate realm.

"The modular Tiny-in-One provides a modular display solution that supports Lenovo's latest ThinkCentre Tiny desktop PCs to deliver an All-in-One form factor thin client solution," said LiJun Su, executive director of Lenovo Desktop Marketing. "We think this design will completely change the way people buy and use thin client devices for the better."

The ThinkCentre M73 Tiny and M53 Tiny thin clients are compatible with the 23-inch monitor of the ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One due to its modular design. The clients attach to the back of the monitor, which Lenovo says allows for "easy and cost effective future upgrades without needing to replace the display."

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The PC maker says that thin client solutions can reduce management and maintenance costs, as companies only have to upgrade select parts rather than overhaul entire traditional PC systems. Lenovo's ThinkCentre M73 and M53 thin clients can be based upon a flexible Linux-based thin client operating system or Windows Embedded Standard 7.

In addition, Lenovo has teamed up with client solutions provider Devon IT to equip the thin clients with Lenovo Terminal Manager (LTM) software, in order to help IT staff create, deploy and manage virtual desktop infrastructure.

"The ThinkCentre M73 and M53 are tiny form factor thin clients that add value to our quality desktop products and helps enterprises meet end-to-end IT solutions for desktop virtualization,” said Joe Makoid, President of Devon IT. "The operating system combined with LTM management provides customers with a simplified, consistent way to cost-effectively deploy and use their hosted or virtual desktops."

The ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One modular display will be available during October with a starting price of approximately $279, the ThinkCentre M73 Tiny thin client will be available in November, starting at roughly $299, and the ThinkCentre M53 Tiny thin client will be available for purchase in December, starting at approximately $249.

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