Lens mount lets you turn your iPhone 4 into a DSLR

Like your iPhone but wish it were bigger and more unwieldily? Try strapping your camera lenses to it with this lens mount.

As a photographer, there is something liberating about being able to carry your iPhone everywhere instead of your camera gear. Of course, all of that is effectively eliminated once you strap a 500mm lens to the front of the thing.

And that's exactly what this lens mount does. Hoping to capture the best of both worlds, the iPhone SLR mount converts the smaller (but comparably impressive) iPhone camera into a much larger contraption. It's compatible with both Canon and Nikon lenses, so no one is left out. For some, this may defeat the purpose of having a portable mobile phone, but for others, it's the $190 iPhone add-on they've always wanted.

No lenses included, sadly.



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