Lensbaby Pro Effects Kit bundles high-end offerings at a discount

Lensbaby announces an all-in-one bundle for professional photographers and enthusiasts.

(Lensbaby Pro Effects Kit image courtesy of Lensbaby.)

(Lensbaby Pro Effects Kit image courtesy of Lensbaby.)

I've been a long-time fan of the Lensbaby line of selective-focus lenses for digital SLRs (and more recently, Micro Four-Thirds cameras and even PL-mount professional movie cameras). But for any serious shooter who hasn't experienced the fun of using these cool accessory lenses for getting a tilt-shift look out of an SLR, now's a good time to take the plunge. Lensbaby has just announced a special Pro Effects Kit that bundles its top-of-the-line lens—the Composer Pro (with a Sweet 35 adjustable aperture optic installed)—along with its highest-end optic (the Edge 80) and two macro lens converters (8mm and 16mm converters that can be stacked to make a 24mm converter).

The Pro Effects Kit is currently selling at the Lensbaby Webstore for $750, which is what you'd pay to buy the ComposerPro with Sweet 35, Edge 80, and the macro converters separately, but the company throws in a Lensbaby System bag and cleaning cloth (a $55 value) to sweeten the deal.  Not a bad way to get the whole kit and kaboodle in a convenient package.

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