Lessons learned from the first full show (Skype Studio project)

Get the inside scoop on the first show's production snags, plus learn more about the design philosophy for the Skype Studio project.

If you haven't yet seen it, strongly encourage you to watch the first full program coming out of the Skype Studio project, where I interview the very patient Dr. Jon Warner of Argonne National Labs about some very disturbing voting machine hacking issues.

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This article is a continuation of our DIY-IT Skype Studio series. Here's what's already been published on our DIY-IT Skype Studio series:

The first show went well, but did have some production snags. I wanted to make sure I captured them while they were still fresh, so I recorded a short post-show briefing, which I've shared with you below:

This week, I've been working on overcoming the controller problems and have run into brick wall after brick wall. I wanted to use a specialized keyboard along with a sweet macro programming language, but I found that the video software -- for some reason -- won't respond to the macro program's simulated key presses.

I'll continue to dig, and I'll also see how the second show goes on Friday. Stay tuned. That should be up early next week. And, next week, stay tuned also for the next installment on this project, where we'll discuss sound-proofing.

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