Let HP hear your voice! Vote to bring back the webOS line

Those lamenting HP's cancelation of the TouchPad and webOS phones now have the opportunity to get your voice heard. Cast your vote to let HP know you want webOS.

The open letter I wrote to HP's new CEO asking her to bring back the webOS product line generated more responses than I could deal with. The overwhelming theme was to turn that letter into a petition of sorts to let readers get their voice heard about the cancelation of the webOS product line.

A poll has been added to that open letter that lets you get your vote in about the TouchPad and webOS phone line. It is below the open letter, so cast your vote to let HP know if you want it to bring back the webOS products. There is a good chance HP will see this so the more votes the better. You may not be able to change HP's course but you should at least give it a good try.

Cast your vote to bring back the TouchPad or the whole webOS product line. Wouldn't you like to see the Pre 3 come to the U. S.?

Read the open letter to HP and cast your vote!