Let's give 'em somethin' to moo about: dairy co-op "milks" VoIP

Got milk?Got VoIP?Well, if you are Upstate Farms Cooperative Inc.

Got milk?

Got VoIP?

Well, if you are Upstate Farms Cooperative Inc. of New York State, you have both.

The Rochester-based food and beverage dairy co-op has just signed a deal with Amherst,N.Y.-based networking and VoIP systems integrator PremCom Corp. to link four plants to its Rochester facility via VoIP.

The plants are in the New York State cities of Rochester, Syracuse, Cheektowaga and West Seneca.

PremComwill also install a VoIP-enabled call center in Rochester.

This means a plant manager with a question or a problem can call a colleague, or even HQ.