Level 3 acquires DDoS mitigation firm Black Lotus

The deal adds proxy-based DDoS mitigation services to Level 3's portfolio.


Level 3 has snapped up DDoS mitigation firm Black Lotus.

While the security threat landscape is in a state of evolution and is becoming ever-more complex, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) remains a popular method for threat actors to disrupt online services.

You no longer need your own dedicated systems or a vast network of slave computers under your control in order to launch such an attack; instead, DDoS campaigns can be launched by those without a sliver of IT expertise simply by hiring someone else to do the job for you.

Hacktivist group Lizard Squad is only one out of many providers which offer "DDoS for hire" services -- giving online users the option to hire a botnet for as little as a few dollars.

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According to Akamai Technologies, DDoS attacks have nearly doubled since 2013 -- and the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is having a profound impact on the threat landscape. If security companies are going to be able to handle this increase and lure enterprise clients to the fold -- being so often a target of DDoS -- they must have the correct tools and services in their portfolio.

Announced on Thursday, security services firm Level 3 said the acquisition of privately-held Black Lotus, a provider of global DDoS mitigation services, "represents another step in Level 3's continued commitment to provide leading security product capabilities."

The buyout will give Level 3's existing DDoS additional capabilities, including the addition of extra scrubbing centers and the improvement of network routing, rate limiting and IP filtering abilities.

Black Lotus also adds proxy-based mitigation services along with behavioral analytics technology to better protect application layers, which are often a target for DDoS attacks within the enterprise.

Financial details of the all-cash transaction were not disclosed.

Chris Richter, senior vice president of managed security services at Level 3 commented:

"Black Lotus' proxy and behavioral technologies, combined with their experienced team of DDoS experts, perfectly complements Level 3's DDoS mitigation and threat intelligence capabilities.

With this acquisition, Level 3 continues its commitment of investing in a comprehensive portfolio of services that enhance the growth, efficiency and security of our customers' operations, helping enterprises combat the cybersecurity challenges they face every day."

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