LG G Watch R sneak peek video revealed, announcement coming at IFA

Most smartwatch fans are holding out for the round Moto 360, but there is a preview video from LG that shows they have a round Android Wear device too.

LG G Watch R sneak peak video revealed, announcement coming at IFA
Image: Screenshot from LG video

The most anticipated Android Wear device is the Moto 360, but Motorola may see a viable challenger before the Moto 360 even starts shipping.

One of the most interesting features of the Moto 360 is the round watchface design. Engadget spotted a LG teaser video (embedded below) that shows glimpses of the LG G Watch R that will be revealed at IFA in Berlin.

You can see a few watchfaces at the end of the video and if you play them slowly it appears that LG may have figured out how to use the entire display for the Android Wear experience while Motorola cuts off the very bottom of the round display.

Initial product hands-on experiences indicate the Moto 360 may also be the most elegant smartwatch and the $250 price revealed by Best Buy seems reasonable for such a device.

The current LG G Watch is available now for $229, but is a fairly basic square looking device. It is interesting to see LG getting ready to launch another model so soon after launching the G Watch. If the price is right, then Motorola may have some serious competition in the Android Wear arena.

The software is closely controlled by Google so manufacturers need to rely on hardware to differentiate their products. Round looks to be the most interesting aspect and LG is showing they are serious about Android Wear.

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