And the first non-Nexus phone to get Android 6.0 is.....

LG takes the lead on pushing Android 6.0 to phones, with the G4 in Poland seeing the software next week. Other European regions, Asia and the Americas will follow.


Well, that was quicker than expected. Roughly two weeks after Google released Android 6.0 Marshmallow for its Nexus phones and tablets, LG is rolling out the software to the LG G4.

The handset maker announced the plans on Thursday with the software being pushed out next week in a limited region.

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Poland is the first country that will see Android 6.0 on the G4 with other European countries, Asia and the Americas to follow. LG didn't announce a time-frame for those areas. It's not uncommon for a handset maker to provide major software updates to a limited area first for testing before a widespread effort.

Although Android 6.0 brings a bevy of new features, LG is highlighting a few that G4 owners can expect.

Simplified, granular app permissions is the leading function (and long overdue) while the updated Silent / Do Not Disturb settings will be welcome as well. Android's new Doze Mode will help G4 owners maximize battery life as well.

It's not often that LG has taken the lead in pushing out major new Android updates -- although it was the first last year with Android 5.0 as well -- so this fast action is a promising sign for the company and its customers.

Don't have an LG G4 and wondering if your phone will get Android 6.0? Check our reference chart which lists phones from different carriers and Android hardware partners to see.