LG may be launching a Nexus with limited storage and integrated battery

Rumors continue to swirl around the possible next Google Nexus smartphone and the latest information has LG launching one in mid-November.

I have a GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus that I use on T-Mobile and AT&T and am a fan of the pure Google experience, especially with Jelly Bean loaded on the device. My friend Paul O'Brien just posted some details on a rumored LG Nexus that may be release in mid-November. I would like to see LG take a shot at a Nexus, given that HTC and Samsung tried it before. However, a couple of the specs are a bit disappointing for a Nexus device.

Paul didn't post any blurry photos or anything, but he did list the specifications that he states are confirmed. They are typical for current Android devices, but the lack of microSD, limit of 16GB storage, and non-removable battery are not going to please Nexus fans. The one specification unique to Android is integrated wireless charging but that is a nice to have and not an essential.

Google has not said if there will be a Nexus announcement yet and there are rumors that we may see multiple Nexus devices from different manufacturers. We'll just have to wait and see how things shake out, but stay tuned to Paul's post for further updates.