LG's full-sized tablet keyboard rolls up for easy travel

A full-sized plastic keyboard that folds up like a Tootsie Roll? Say hello to the LG Rolly for tablets and smartphones.

The latest Bluetooth keyboard for tablets offers full-sized keys and yet rolls up into a stick resembling a big Tootsie Roll. LG makes it and it's appropriately named the Rolly keyboard.


Unroll the device and you'll see a four-row keyboard, along with a pair of arms to hold up to a 10-inch tablet. As the size of phones keeps growing, I'm betting some more recent handsets could also be used in the arms as well.

Bluetooth pairing starts immediately once the keyboard is unrolled and LG says it can be paired with two mobile devices via Bluetooth 3.0. That feature can't be used simultaneously of course; even though you can pair with two devices, the Rolly only works with one at a time.

A single AAA battery powers the Rolly. LG hasn't provided expected battery life but based on my experience with similar keyboards, you're probably good for three to six months, based on usage.

The mostly-plastic Rolly is advertised as having "satisfying tactile feedback," and a key pitch -- the measurement between the center of each key -- of 17 millimeters. So the keys don't appear crammed together and small like on some mobile keyboards.

Overall, it's a clever design. I've seen many roll-up keyboards in the past but they typically use soft keys made from silicone. LG's Rolly has hard plastic keys for a better typing experience, yet still rolls up in an angular fashion.

LG says it will announce pricing and availability of the Rolly at the IFA 2015 starting September 4. My hope on price? Somewhere around $79 to $99 might make for an appealing accessory price for mobile road warriors.