​LG to adapt machine learning into after-sales service

LG Electronics will adapt machine learning and big data analytics technology to offer remote after-sales (AS) services for its smartphone users starting this year.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

LG Electronics will use machine learning technology to offer customized after sales (AS) services for its smartphone users, the company announced.

The South Korean tech giant said it will adopt machine learning, big data analytics, and other, latest artificial intelligence technologies sequentially, starting in the first quarter of this year, to offer remote AS services via its apps.

Thanks to machine learning, the app's diagnosis will improve over time, data will be processed faster, and LG will be able to offer services customized for the individual customer.

The South Korean tech giant said over 80 percent of visits to service centres from its smartphone users were for simple requests or software problems.

The remote service will drastically reduce its customers' needs to visit physical service centres, it said

Artificial intelligence technology will be put into its "Smart Doctor" app. LG's phone status-checking app will have 36 diagnosis features such as heat, power consumption, and hardware integrity.

If a serious defect is detected, it will alarm the user.

It will also suggest turning off unused apps and assist users in setting screen brightness.

"Quick Help" and "LG Electronics Remote Consulting" apps will have upgraded log analytics features that will allow LG to more quickly and correctly tell the customer the problem.

Quick Help is a premium service offer to V series users, where a specialist is connected to offer 1:1 help to users, currently only available in Korea.

LG will expand the app to North America and Asia this year, it said.

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