LG unveils Google TV-powered television

Undeterred by Google TV's mediocre performance, LG is making a big investment in the platform.

2012 is set to be a big year for Google TV. Shortly after Google laid out its latest list of partners for its TV platform, LG has dished out the info on its own plans, starting with its LG Smart TV with Google TV.

The display combines the functionality of Android with LG's own Smart TV technology. With Android at its core, the display will be able to run over a hundred apps designed for Google TV. As shown in the shot above, the interface isn't all that dazzling or even very nice, so there are definitely some improvements to be made.

The television works in conjunction with the Magic Motion QWERTY remote, which is equipped with both a keyboard and microphone. Built with LG's 3D technology, the display works with LG's Cinema 3D glasses, which function without batteries and sell for a reasonable $13 on average.

Of course, while LG is supporting Google TV, it's also hedging its bets by continuing to support its own Smart TV ambitions. The company says that more than half of its flat panel displays will run its own NetCast-based platform over the coming year.

There's no word on pricing or size, but its doubtless that LG will release those details once CES rolls around.