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LG Uplus launches IoT remote gas valve control service

LG Uplus has launched U+Gaslock to allow people to monitor and turn on and off gas valves through their smartphones, Park Soo-hyung reports.

South Korea's third-largest telco LG Uplus launched a remote gas valve control service as part of its foray into the incipient local Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Mobile app-controlled U+Gaslock allows people to monitor and turn on and off gas valves through their phones.

It is powered by a mobile solution called Z-wave. Users can remotely lock the gas valve, set temperature alerts, set timers, and control gas valves in the homes of others, such as their elderly parents.

When the surrounding areas of the gas valve goes over 50℃ (122℉), U+Gaslock sends a text to the user, while it shuts it off when it reaches 65℃ (149℉).

LG Uplus was the first member to join BOD, an alliance of 230 countries in Asia that uses the Z-wave solution.

The mobile carrier said its new service is very convenient to use compared to counterparts in the market. LG said it will install the service for subscribers who request it, while the app itself is available on Google Play.

"U+Gaslock is a service to control gas valves, which is essential to prevent unexpected fires at homes," said Ryu Chang-su, head of the LG Uplus Home Solution business. "We will lead the lifestyle changes brought on by IoT and give new values to customers."

Source: ZDNet Korea (zdnet.co.kr)