LG VL600 LTE modem finally gets some Mac love

Verizon released a Mac driver for the screaming-fast LG VL600 LTE modem. This means that Mac users now have two 4G modems to choose from, both are faster than my Comcast connection.

Verizon Wireless launched a pair of speedy LTE modems at CES 2010: the Pantech UML290 (left) and the LG VL600 (right).

Both were Windows-only at launch but Verizon released a Mac driver for the Pantech device on February 1 and today it launched a Mac driver for the LG.

The updated VZAccess Manager software that works with the LG VL600 USB modem is labeled version 7.2.5 (2644c).

I've been able to get as fast as 21 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up in my informal testing of the LG VL600 -- but I've only been able to do it from a Windows 7 image running in Fusion.


I'll post some benchmarks once I've tested it more in the greater Philadelphia region. In the mean time read Matt Miller's review (and photo gallery) of Verizon's latest speed demon (spoiler: 23 Mbps down!)

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