LG's announces nearly bezel-free 55-inch OLED television

LG is stepping up the OLED game with an insanely thin, 55-inch display. Will the living room ever be the same?

When it comes to televisions, bigger is almost always better. LG realizes this, which is why the company is announcing the world's largest OLED television ahead of this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Measuring at 55-inches, LG's new display is both thin and almost entirely devoid of a bezel. It's pretty hard to visualize it, but the display is a mesmerizing 4-mm thick, making it thinner than the iPhone and countless other devices. Predictably, the display is also pretty light, weighing in at 7.5-kg (16.5-pounds).

LG plans to sell the device during the forth quarter of the year, which should probably give interested consumers enough time to save up the requisite amount of cash to buy it. There's no price quite yet, but expect something north of $5000.

[LG Blog]

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