LG's E-paper flexible displays launch in Europe

LG's flexible e-paper displays will be surfacing in Europe next month.

Electronics company LG has announced its intention to mass-produce its electronic paper display (EPD), and its plans to launch the product in the consumer market next month -- beginning with Europe.

The first mass-produced display of its kind, the product will be supplied to ODM companies in China this month before the European launch.

The e-paper display uses a technique called the high TFT process. By using temperatures above 350 degrees (normally reserved for LCD screen manufacture) the plastic EPD flexible displays are able to bend and twist -- LG claiming that the screen can be bent at a range of 40 degrees from the center of the screen.

LG's press release stated:

"The world's first plastic EPD from LG Display offers users a paper-like reading experience with a plastic substrate that is as slim as cell phone protection film, and a flexible design that allows bending at a range of 40 degrees from the center of the screen."

The EPD screen is 6 inches (1024 x 768), 0.7mm thick, and it weighs 14g. Apart from its 40 degree flexibility, LG claims it is also durable -- and can be dropped from a 1.5 meter height without lasting damage.

There is currently no information available on a U.S. release.

Interested in flexible displays? View the video below:

Image credit: LG

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