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Lifesize integrates Alexa for Business to enable more voice-activated controls

The integration between AWS' Alexa for Business and Lifesize comes as offices start to reopen to a new normal in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Lifesize said it will offer native integration with Alexa for Business from AWS in a move that will enable more voice-activated controls in existing meeting room systems.

According to Lifesize, the Alexa for Business integration is driven in part by the return to the office amid the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic. Voice technologies may garner more usage in the office as a way to minimize touching surfaces.

Lifesize and AWS will offer 90 days of complementary service for joint customers to trial Lifesize with Alexa for Business. Under the partnership, Lifesize will also integrate and enterprise's director with the Alexa for Business address book. That move should enable more name-based calling. Alexa for Business began integrating with third-party device makers in 2018 and added Blueprints in 2019

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Other features in Lifesize with Alexa for Business include:

  • Alexa voice commands with Lifesize Icon meeting room systems to check-in and claim rooms, dial directory contacts, start meetings, and activate smart lights and power shades.
  • The ability to scale hands-free voice controls across an organization without additional Amazon Echo devices.
  • Check availability, manage meeting rooms, integrate with calendars, and generate reports on room utilization in the Alexa for Business dashboard.
  • The ability to disable Alexa and control whether audio is sent to Alexa's cloud infrastructure and delete it with a word command. 

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