Liftware smart spoons reach Japanese degenerative disease sufferers

Sufferers of degenerative diseases in Japan can now acquire Liftware tremor-fighting implements which take the frustration out of eating.


Liftware's stabilising smart spoons, designed for those with Parkinson's and other degenerative diseases, has been launched in Japan.

Life with degenerative diseases can be frustrating -- and only becomes more difficult as time wears on. One factor which is often associated with diseases such as Parkinson's or Essential Tremor is uncontrollable shaking and hand tremors, which make everyday tasks hard, if not impossible.

Eating and the social elements linked to sharing a meal with family or friends is often no longer enjoyable when sufferers must focus on the task of transferring food from hand to mouth alone, rather than taking pleasure in the atmosphere or company around them.

Liftware, designed by company Lift Labs, aims to give degenerative disease sufferers this enjoyment back. Liftware is a smart handle -- complete with eating implements such as a spoon or fork -- which automatically stabilizes in your hand, reducing utensil shaking by up to 70 percent in comparison to standard forks or spoons.


Daniel Lee, Business Operations Manager of Liftware said in a Google Asia Pacific blog post that Liftware is now available in Japan through partner company France Bed.

Google acquired San Francisco-based Lift Labs in 2014, allowing the startup to expand its operations beyond the United States. The more countries Liftware can be launched in the better, as such a device can make a real difference to those dealing with Parkinson's and tremor-based diseases on a daily basis.

"Their tremor-canceling device could improve quality of life for millions of people," Google said.

"We're also going to explore how their technology could be used in other ways to improve the understanding and management of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease and essential tremor."

Liftware can be purchased for $295.

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