Lindows: Click-N-Run for Santa?

ZDNet asked Sun, Microsoft, Lindows, Red Hat and Apple to pitch to Santa for a new operating system. True technologists, the Lindows crowd answered Santa's call with a bullet point list explaining what they have to offer

Lindows responded to our request with their top ten reasons why Santa should use its Linux-based operating system:

  1. For only US$129 you get a complete operating system as well as hundreds of software products that provide the same functionality as typical Microsoft Windows software that could cost thousands more.

  2. With Click-N-Run, you can download and install hundreds of software programs with literally one click of your mouse, including commercial software such as StarOffice, Tux Racer Deluxe, Photogenics, Hancom Sheet, etc.

  3. LindowsOS is designed with the desktop user in mind and is the easiest to install and use operating system you'll ever experience. You can Install LindowsOS in under 10 minutes. No, really, UNDER 10 minutes! You will feel right at home with the natural and familiar layout and graphical environment.

  4. Using products from the Click-N-Run Warehouse you'll be able to edit all the popular file types, including those for Microsoft Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), PowerPoint (.ppt), Real Audio (.ram, .rm), other audio files (.wav, .mp3), graphic file types (.psd, .jpg, .gif, .tif, .bmp, .pdf, etc.), and many more. Click here for tips on Migrating from Microsoft Windows

  5. Unlike traditional software programs from Microsoft and others, LindowsOS and any software installed from the Click-N-Run Warehouse all come with friendly "lifetime family licensing." This means you can use LindowsOS and the programs in your account on any computer used by you AND any immediate family members living in your home. This can save you thousands if your family owns multiple home and/or notebook computers. Also, all the software you install with Click-N-Run is yours for life, we even store a copy for you for easy access in your lifetime account.

  6. The problems with viruses and security flaws have become well known with Microsoft Windows. Fortunately, because of its Linux design, LindowsOS users don't have to deal with the constant headache of email viruses that Microsoft Windows users suffer through. Linux is also famous for it's tight security, which benefits LindowsOS users, helping them feel secure in knowing that their data and files are safe from prying eyes or malicious hackers.

  7. Because LindowsOS is based on Linux, you know it's stable. Linux has long been known for its amazing reliability and never needing to reboot. Additionally, LindowsOS provides quick ways to control any misbehaving software, making the necessity to reboot your computer a thing of the past!

  8. Unlike proprietary software you may have used in the past, the source code to the majority of the software used with LindowsOS is open and available for review by others. When source code is open, more developers can review the code and help make sure it is bug-free and doesn't exploit your privacy or system in any way. Also, other developers can help improve the programs, sharing their enhancements back for others to enjoy.

  9. stands behind everything we sell. We want you to be happy with your LindowsOS experience, and if we can't make you happy, your money will be refunded, no questions asked.

  10. LindowsOS is just plain fun! Rather than the monopolistic, homogenized approach to everything, LindowsOS is comprised of Linux software and ideas from thousands of engineers from all over the world, making LindowsOS computing a much more diverse and interesting experience.

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