Line2 converts your iPad into a phone for $10 a month

Converting the iPad into a phone is the dream that won't die. Will Line2 make it a reality?

The dream of adding phone functionality to the iPad has been a hard one to kill since the tablet's release. While many have tried, few have been able to make the experience into a compelling holistic offering.

Line2 may be the first to break the trend. Via the app, users can use their iPhones to make phone calls, send text messages, create multi-caller video conferences. Users can either port an existing phone number in or create a dedicated one.

Sounds expensive, but it actually isn't too bad. The basic Line 2 service runs for $10 a month or $100 a year, while the more involved Line2 professional plan, which includes contact management and a "virtual receptionist" runs for $150 a year.

The app hits July 28th.