LineOne dumps unmetered access

The first UK unmetered player to take a dive: LineOne's business model cracks

LineOne, the ISP part-owned by British Telecommunications (quote: BT) made a dramatic U-turn this weekend by abandoning its unmetered Internet service, leaving thousands of disappointed users.

While many ISPs have been forced to jump on the unmetered bandwagon, following the promise of free Internet services from heavyweight cable company ntl, most have experienced problems with over-subscription and unavailable lines due to users staying online 24 hours a day.

A spokeswoman for LineOne confirms the service has been cancelled. "We won't be continuing with the unmetered access offer," she says. Existing members signed up to the service offered in conjunction with telco Quip will continue to get the service for three months before the plug is pulled.

No new members will be signed up.

"It is commercially and financially unviable," says the spokeswoman. Sources close to the company blame users for "misusing" the service.

More details to follow.

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